Roof Repair and Maintenance Tutorial 

A leaking roof is annoying. It doesn’t only give you discomfort but will also cost you thousands of dollars. Not all of us have that kind of budget, especially if the leak or roof damage appeared out of nowhere. But let me tell you what, every leak has a small origin. That’s why you should have an annual check-up and maintenance done by roofing contractors in Vancouver WA to make sure that your roof is still on its good condition. Sometimes small issues arise and they are not yet noticeable, until they become big and obvious damage. The average cost of roof repair is $800, not everyone can afford that. To avoid this, here’s a guide on how you can troubleshoot your roof for damages.  

Roof Repair 

Damaged Flashing 

The flashing is the material that protects the crease between the roof and the fixtures like skylights and chimneys. It’s made of plastic or metal. If this is loose, cracked or worn, the area is going to be exposed to moisture and rain. If you notice that the flashing is damaged, have a professional replace it right away. It only costs at least $20 for the material.  

Worn Sealant 

The sealant is used around the skylight’s edges or the flashing. If it ages or cracks, it will no longer do its job and function properly. This is one of the top reasons of leaking. To solve this problem, purchase a flashing sealant which costs $6 per tube. To apply, temporarily remove the surrounding materials.  


One of the worst things that could happen to roof is punctures. This is caused by falling branches, harsh weather and jumping animals that cause punctures and holes in the roof. You should call a professional roofer to handle this because the repair is complicated. They will reframe the roof, and install a new layer of sheath. Felt paper is also installed then the shingles. Do not attempt to cover the hole because you’re letting the moisture in. The overall cost of the repair is $400-$1000 for the materials and labor.  

Damaged Vent Boot 

This component stops the moisture from entering around the vents; it functions like a flashing seal too. If this is damaged, it’s also another source of leakage. To solve this, remove the vent boot and replace with a new one. This will cost you about $20.  

Damaged or Missing Shingles 

This is a common problem to homeowners. They find the shingles either missing or damaged. The causes are strong weather, wearing off protective surface granules, pool water weighing on them and hail cracks. You can solve this problem by installing a set of new ones; each bundle of shingle costs $30. After that, you need to proactive the roof so it doesn’t happen again.  

Corroded Vertical Slits 

Each slot in the roofing system is vulnerable. Once it gets corroded, they expose the underlying materials to elements that might damage them. Once again, replace the corroded shingles. Do this as soon as possible.